Meaning of Karma

The word Karma can have different meanings depending upon the context in which it is used.  It can mean action only, or action as well as the reaction to the action.

Karma can also mean a chain of actions and reactions which form a karmic network of karma and not just one karmic chain. Depending on the thoughts behind the actions, Karmas can either take you closer to God or further away from God. Karma Bhoga is action or actions that are based on human desires, which are usually contrary to the Divine Will and bind us to the objects or our desire. Karma Yoga is an action or actions that are in keeping with the Divine Will and do not cause any bondage. So, every action can either take one closer to God or further away from God. For this reason, it is important to watch one’s thoughts and be mindful. The sacred texts of SSG contain many Discourses on how one can grow spiritually through mindfulness and through Karma Yoga based upon the Divine Plan for an individual. SSG teaches that God has a plan for every aspect of creation. So instead of planning out one’s life, SSG teaches that we should fit into the Divine Plan for us. When we pursue our own desires, we add to our personal karmic load and expand the web of karma.

The wheel of karma began when Lucifer chose to go his own way because this is the point at which creation began to fall away from the Source of Sources and diverged from the Divine Plan. Thus, the wheel of karma began even before Spirit involved into matter, and ever since then all of us who are pursuing our own dreams and desires are adding to and expanding the wheel of karma.

Each thought that one dwells upon and remains attached to, leaves an impress on one’s soul whether or not one manifests it in action in pursuit of one’s desire. Moreover, all the thoughts that we fill our human mind with and which are not emptied out, eventually sink from the conscious plane of our human mind down to the subconscious and unconscious planes of the human mind. The unconscious plane of the human mind is the one that is closest to the mind of one’s soul So, at the time of death, thoughts which are in the unconscious plane of the human mind sink into and leave an impress on the mind of one’s soul. These impressions on one’s soul are what are referred to as “Prarabhda karmas” in Vedic terminology. So long as a soul has these Prarabhda karmas impressed upon it, it will have to be born repeatedly on the plane of matter. Unfortunately, instead of taking the opportunity provided by life to empty out these Prarabhda karmas, almost all human beings add to the burden of the soul by creating fresh karmas that get impressed upon the soul. According to the Vedic belief system, a soul takes birth 8.4 million times before it finally purges all the Prarabdha karmas. However, according to Dr. Dinshah K. Mehta, this 8.4 million births is not standard for every soul. Some souls are able to empty themselves of these karmas in fewer lifetimes, whereas other souls remain bound and have to be born 8.4 million times 8.4 million, ad infinitum.

As was said earlier, human beings are the highest creation on earth, and man, which includes woman, is the only creation that is endowed with a free will. Man is also the only creation through which a soul can become liberated by emptying out the conscious, the subconscious and the unconscious mind as well as the impresses on the soul known as Prarabhda karmas. So, reincarnation in human form is a great opportunity for souls to grow beyond the earth plane unto the spiritual planes, eventually becoming one with God. Much of this will depend on the state of evolution of the soul that incarnates into the human form. This will also depend very much on the consciousness of the parents before, during, and after the time of physical union. The consciousness of the mother during the gestation period also affects the vibration of the fetus in the womb, and this, in turn, determines the quality of the soul that gets linked up with the developing fetus and incarnates through the child. So, if at the time of copulation, the minds of the parents are focused on creating an opportunity for a higher soul to incarnate, then at the time of conception, it is more likely that a higher soul will be attracted to incarnate in that particular fetus. The SSG teaches that this is one of the reasons that the procreative instinct is a powerful tool that can be used to help liberate souls.

* Note: for a detailed discussion of Karma, refer to the book by Bahram Shahmardaan entitled:

  • Karma: Its Basis, Its Nature, Its Source
  • How Karma Binds Us to the Cycles of Birth Life and Death
  • How You Can Free Yourself From the Wheel of Karma

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The secret of life is that there is no secret.  It is, however, movement perpetual, movement from the infinite to definite and from definite to infinite. Further, it is also a movement from infinite to infinite and that movement is not conditioned ever.  This is the highest state of movement in which condition does not exist. It is the state in which all that is and will be from all that has been ever and will be forever shall be and shall continue to be. This state of life is for none other than those who are free and have no condition of any nature to bind. But the life that is conditioned is the life that is created both in spiritual creation as well as material. Spiritual creations are free and yet bound down by the Spiritual laws, some more, some less, but all the same, they are bound. Yet they are free in the sense that they are not conditioned to the extent that the material creation is conditioned. That which is *material creation is conditioned to the maximum limit and has no volition or freedom. It is this shackle that binds one down to a fairly perpetual state of rounds which, unless it is broken by conscious efforts or Grace, can never be snapped otherwise. It is for these bound down human beings that Masters are sent to show them the path of liberation and free them from the chains. Yet there are many who not only do not take that chance but positively oppose the Masters who have been sent to save them from that suffering of rounds and suffering within rounds. For that purpose, the ground for another one has to be prepared soon by My servants.

(End of Script)

* In the above Script the words “material creation”refers to geological matter which is biologically lifeless


I create matter from Spirit that is Me and My Father. After that matter has evolved again to a certain stage, I permit a medium between matter and Spirit to manifest through it. That medium is life which is a reflection of Spirit in matter, but it is not pure Spirit. Further, in ,denser matter also, I allow at times manifestations of Spirit either in its native form or a form of life. Thus, even in ,matter as dense as stone, I permit either life or Spirit in one form or the other to manifest. This will explain the phenomenon of worship of an aspect of Me through matter. Actually, to a worshipper with devotion, I reveal Myself as Spirit associated with it but not that Spirit that is Me locked up in it. Therefore, those whose inner eye is not developed see in the matter only a dead substance with or without form with their physical eye. But in the same, to those who have the inner eye to see, I reveal the life and at times the Spirit. When these express what they see in such matter and through it, others who cannot see ridicule them and dub them insane. These are in the majority and hence one who a the Reality has perforce to dissociate from them and lead a secluded life. This is one reason why those who begin to see with the inner eye like to remain aloof. There are other reasons also.

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