Free Will & The Influence of the Anti-Divine

It is written that “God made man in His Image and Likeness” Rev. Dadaji explained that this does not mean that God looks like a man. What it means is that every principle that functions in the universe functions within the human personality. The human personality comprises the human mind, the human ego, and the spiritual entity, known as the soul. When a child is born, the physical body emerges into the physical dimension, but the human mind, which is limited, takes birth in an “Ocean of Consciousness”. The consciousness of all beings resides within the Ocean of Consciousness, although there are many different levels of consciousness within that ocean. Dadaji has explained that between the earth plane, and the highest spiritual plane, there are 7 planes of consciousness. Almost all human beings function within the first three planes of consciousness which, in modern psychology are called the unconscious, subconscious and conscious plane.  Within each of these planes, there are 7 different levels of consciousness.  So, there is the Ocean of Consciousness within which there are several planes and levels of consciousness and different minds function within this Ocean of Consciousness at the levels that are appropriate for them.

It is true that a high soul, who is directly linked to God and even one with God, can incarnate in a human body and, in that limited sense, an aspect of God can and does look like a man, but it is important to note all of God does not incarnate in the body of a human being. In fact, even when a High Being, like Zarathustra, Ram, Moses, Buddha, or Christ incarnate and descends from one of the three beams of Spiritual Light that emanate from the Holy Trinity, it is only one ray from the beam that incarnates in a human body. This is because there is no human personality that can ever withstand the full intensity of one of the beams of the Spiritual Light, let alone withstand the full intensity of God.

Having stated the above, it is because God made man in His Image that man has been endowed with a free will. This is also an example of God’s humility. Instead of imposing His Will on man, the Divine Mind surrenders its Will to man by giving man the gift of free will. However, instead of using this gift of free will in sync with the Divine Will to further the Divine Plan, the vast majority of human beings use their free will to satisfy their human minds and pursue their desires based upon their attachment to thoughts, things and people, which are all made of matter and are linked to matter. It does not matter that binds human beings to it, but it is the desire for an attachment to things of matter and forms of matter that bind human beings to the plane of matter, within which earth resides.

When we are attached to an object, we create an opening in our minds, through which we receive thoughts pertaining to the matter to which we are attracted. It is through these openings in the human mind that negative forces influence human beings. We call these negative forces un-Divine and anti-Divine forces, and in the Vedic Scriptures, they are called Asuric shaktis or Asuric forces. On the earth plane, there are negative and positive forces all around us. Whereas the positive forces will not enter our minds to influence us unless we invite them to do so, the negative forces will try to take advantage of the openings in our human minds. This is reflected in the fact that honest people will not enter your home unless you invite them, whereas thieves will break into your home through openings such as doors and windows.

God revealed through Rev. Dadaji that hell is a state of being linked to a state of consciousness that is much below the earth plane and governed by Satan. Satan and the hordes of hell can influence creations in levels of consciousness that range from hell up to the earth plane and a little beyond the earth plane. But they cannot enter any spiritual plane. So, when we pursue our desires due to attachment to thoughts, things and people, we are creating openings through which the negative forces can influence us and further bind us to the earth plane and cycles of birth, life and death. To free ourselves from this bondage, we need to transfer our attachment from the desire for thoughts, things and people linked to matter to the Divine.

The following Script below gives some idea about the importance of the principle of attachment, which is one of the Seven Principles of Right Surrender.

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Attachment should not be considered a negative force. It is a result of a positive force which is inherent in everyone. One can’t just detach and remain in that state without being attached again to some other objective.

Hence detach from all seen and attach yourself to Me and Me alone.

Love is the force which attaches. But to be attached to Me purify that force by cleansing it of all the self associated with it and you will come nearer Me. 

(End of Script)