FSSG Structure

The Friends of the Society of Servants of God (FSSG) is financially and legally independent from the Society of Servants of God (SSG), but receives spiritual guidance and direction from the SSG, just as the Catholic Church in Canada receives spiritual direction and guidance from the Pope in Rome. The FSSG structure is modelled after the SSG structure, with modifications to conform to Canadian law.

FSSG Branches

There are two branches of the Canadian FSSG. One is in Toronto and Paul Lane is the Servant in Charge. Mark L. Stevenson is the Servant in Charge for the Victoria Branch. Both Paul and Mark were instructed by Dadaji to establish branches of the FSSG in Canada. The Victoria branch was incorporated under the British Columbia Societies Act on April 3, 2000, as a non-profit society. It has five Directors, including the Servant in Charge. The Victoria branch of the FSSG was registered as a religious charity (#869813923 RR0001), effective May 25, 2019.

Relationship with the SSG

The structure of the Society of Servants of God is based on Scripts received through Revered Dadaji from the Divine Mind.

The Servant of Servants is the spiritual head of the Society of Servants of God and must approve the appointment of all members of the SSG or the establishment of any affiliated organizations.

The Servant of Servants is advised by the Council of Senior Servants. The Council of Senior Servants may have at least two representatives from each of the countries of India, the United States, Germany, and Canada.

Each of the current members of the Council of Senior Servants has lived with and studied under the original Servant of Servants, Dr. Dinshah K. Mehta. Paul Lane and Mark Stevenson also sit on the Council of Senior Servants for the international organization of the SSG, as does Joseph Gelbard.