"Accept what is acceptable but do not reject what is not acceptable."

- Dr. Dinshah K. Mehta

A society created by God through Dr. Dinshah K. Mehta

His Life

The soul which incarnated in the human personality known as Dr. Dinshah K. Mehta, is one of the very few...

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FSSG Structure

The FSSG is financially and legally independent from the SSG, but it receives spiritual guidance and direction from the SSG.

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System of Beliefs

If you do not reject what is unacceptable at any point in time, you leave the door open to accept...

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FSSG Talks

Brother Mark gives talks on spiritual topics via Zoom on the first Sunday of each month at 10:00am PST. Recordings of the talks are also available.

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Welcome to Our Website

This introduction is intended to provide a brief overview of the aims of the Friends of the Society of Servants of God. Our website also serves as a portal to the website of the Society of Servants of God and the key teachings of Dr. Dinshah K Mehta. We hope that the content of this website will encourage you to continue your journey towards our common Creator and to the inner-most part of your human personality which is Divine and eternal.

Brief History and Objectives of the FSSG and the SSG

Though legally and financially independent, the Friends of the Society of Servants of God (FSSG) is directly linked with the Society of Servants of God (SSG) in both India and the United States. The SSG was founded by God through Dr. Dinshah K. Mehta. After 17 years of inner struggle, on November 8, 1953,

Dr. Mehta finally accepted to follow what he referred to as “God Guidance.” His 17-year struggle had ensued largely because in his earlier life, Dr. Mehta was agnostic.  He therefore had a hard time believing that the revelations he was receiving were from God, and his gradual “conversion” was brought about by the teachings he received from God.

As guided by God, the Society of Servants of God was registered with the authorities in India as a charitable institution. Dr. Dinshah K. Mehta became the first chairperson. However, Dr. Mehta maintained that the SSG was founded by God, through him and that God is the Eternal Chair of His Society and referred to the spiritual source that guided him as the Guiding Mind. Dr. Mehta is referred to as Revered Dadaji by his disciples and devotees. “Dadaji” means elder brother.

The Friends of the Society of Servants of God in Canada was authorized by Dadaji to be an affiliate organization of the Society of Servants of God. The Victoria branch of the FSSG is incorporated as a non-profit society and is a registered charity.

As is the case with the Society of Servants of God, the Friends of the Society of Servants of God was founded in order to pursue The Three Missions.

All sincere seekers have always been welcomed to this Society, but those seeking self-satisfaction are discouraged.  Please keep the Self Surrender Stand in mind as you continue your journey.

Self-Surrender Stand

One main objective of this society is to help people to become God-centred in their everyday life. This can be achieved only by dethroning self-centredness.

This society, therefore, cannot help those who assert their ego but helps those who desire to achieve the goal by means of disciplined self-restraint, leading to self-surrender and ultimately to self-annihilation.

All genuine seekers are welcome and are encouraged in every way to solve problems, difficulties, and doubts, but those who come for self-satisfaction or self-assertion are discouraged.